HALKIDIKI: Goldman Sachs proceeds with an investment of €108 million


Goldman Sachs is preparing a new resort in Halkidiki that will employ more than 500 workers annually

The Enterprise Greece board of directors has already approved the new resort that Goldman Sachs is preparing in Halkidiki and is expected to be authorised by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments (IDES).

The Goldman Sachs investment fund project in Halkidiki, specifically the three hotels formerly owned by the Grigoriadis group, was transferred to the group's umbrella instead of €70 million, and has a planned investment close to €108 million, according to the relevant file submitted to Enterprise Greece.

The goal is to create a five-star complex with 1,000 beds on an area of ​​146 acres along 585 meters of coastline, which will be undertaken by Ousia Hospitality Platform, the Goldman Sachs hospitality platform based in Athens, which also aims to identify new opportunities in the Greek market but also the strategy of repositioning large resorts, such as that of Halkidiki, "for their future operation and management in the wider Mediterranean area", as it is mentioned in this regard.

Goldman Sachs acquired in 2022 the three hotels "Athos Palace", "Pallini Beach" and "Theophano Imperial". Based on the file submitted to Enterprise Greece, the new resort will employ more than 500 workers annually.

Stefania Souki is a columnist for New Money

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