German tourists spent the most in Greece

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The daily expenditure of German tourists in Greece was 160 euros, according to a German publication

"Despite the spike in inflation and the significant reduction in income in the pandemic, vacations have been increasing in recent years. This fact does not prevent Germans from still taking holidays," writes the Münchner Merkur under the title "Germans spent more on holidays last year than ever before and the most in Greece".

The paper's website observes: "German travellers overwhelmingly accept higher costs, shows an analysis of tourism by the Future Research Institute BAT, which polled 3,000 people aged 18 and over in Germany about their travel in 2023.

"Last year, Germans spent an average of 1,538 euros on their holidays, a record amount, according to the BAT Foundation. In 2022, it was 1,357 euros.

"This means that a family of four paid more than €6,000 for a trip in 2023. German holidaymakers spent the most money on holidays in Greece at €1,755, with Spain taking second place at €1,663.

"Records were broken in 2023, as well as daily spending on holidays. Germans spent an average of 129 euros per day, i.e. 19% more than last year. The most expensive holiday destination was Greece, with 160 euros per day.

"The biggest price increases, however, compared to the previous year, were recorded in Spain at 35% (126 euros), in Austria at 29% (133 euros) and in transatlantic tourist destinations at 27% (142 euros).

"Holiday costs also rose in Germany, reaching 132 eirps per day, even though travel costs to the destination were lower. In Scandinavia, costs remained relatively stable with price increases of just 2%."

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