Lena Platonos combines traditional music with electronic sound in a new performance

Lena Platonos

She will be hosted for two nights at the Onassis Foundation

Lena Platonos is preparing to perform an interesting and innovative musical project at the Onassis Foundation.

Her new musical show, "The Paradoxes", combines musical tradition with synthesisers and modern electronic sound, and will be presented on March 1st and 2nd.

Lena Platonos and her constant partner, Stergios T., will present traditional songs with their perspective, which aims at the mysterious element of our musical tradition: from the song of the misty forests, lakes and rivers of Macedonia and Thrace to the metaphysical obituaries of Mani and the relentless Cretan voice.

Over twenty songs from all over the country will be heard for the first time in a unique way.

In "Paradoxia" on the Main Stage of the Roof there will be four performers, four soloists of traditional instruments and Lena Platonos with Stergio T., on a sensual and emotional journey, embraced by traditional sounds and sounds, but also synthesisers, computers and more Modern means.

The two musicians note: "Approaching traditional songs and arranging them was an idea that had been on our mind for some time, and we were looking for ways to make it happen. We thought there are such beautiful songs intertwined with our history and tradition, which would be given new life with a different touch and sound. It is another world which contains so much hidden energy, beautiful melodies, a variety of rhythms, lyricism, and heroic but also tragic figures, a world that was able to inspire us to prepare the songs with an aesthetic that takes them on other paths... The people of the Onassis Foundation Shelter embraced this idea and supported us so that the project could be carried out under the most suitable conditions. We can't wait to present them to you on stage on March 1 and 2, together with our great partners."

In 2015, Lena Platonos composed and presented poetry by Emily Dickinson and Kostas Karyotakis on the Main Stage of Stegi. In 2017 she presented a special live together with the great Philip Jeck, which framed the screening of the documentary "lp" by Christos Petros about her life and work. In 2023, her compositions for K.P. were presented as part of the Cavafy Festival: Archive of Desire organized by Onassis Culture in New York. Cavafy at Columbia University's Miller Theater. This year, in a "paradoxical" musical adventure that takes the Greek sound on new paths, a new musical experience for the first time.

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