The Fyli Business Park will help get trucks off the roads of Athens!


The project that will also give breathing space to the traffic problem in Athens is entering a critical turning point.

The ambitious Fyli Business Park project aims to relocate the transport companies from  ​​Votanikos in western Athens to a property in the Municipality of Fyli on the outskirts of the Greek capital.

TAIPED runs the tender on behalf of the Municipality of Fyli.

According to reports, the tender will be announced in March, and the goal is to have a preferred investor by the end of the year. The signatures are expected to be signed in 2025, while the first business transfers from Votanikos will occur in 2026.

The objective of TAIPED is the development of a "green" Business Park on a property of approximately 450 acres in the "Spilies" area of ​​the Municipality of Fyli.

The investment budget is estimated at 32 million euros, including accompanying projects. The project has been financed with 21 million euros from the Recovery.

A fund was established as an incentive to the transport companies established in ​​Eliona/Votanikos area to relocate to Fyli. In the fund is a provision for private investments after the completion of the project, which will reach 1 billion euros.

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