Christos Mastoras revealed with photos the health problem he faced

Christos Mastoras

"The most important reason I upload the photos is to share my story," he wrote in his lengthy post.

Christos Mastoras revealed the health problem that forced him to postpone his appearances at the nightclub where he sings.

At noon on Thursday, February 15, the singer wanted to clarify what was happening with his health.

As he wrote on Instagram, he had bilateral dacryoadenitis, an inflammation of the eyes. In addition to what he mentioned, the singer also uploaded photos showing how much his eyes were affected by the inflammation.

Look at the pictures:

In his post, Christos Mastoras wrote: "Usually I don't care what is said about me because I have a very strong close circle of people who love me and I love them unconditionally and for them, I am Christos, the Christakis they always knew. I die for my family, I die for my friends that I have had since I was little, and they also die for me.

"We have a small tribe, we are for each other. This makes me so free in my business and resistant to the world's criticism and opinions of me, or instead of the guy called Master.

"I hear various rumours from time to time, and now I happened to listen to some others that do not honour who they are spreading information about, so I will upload some photos from the last two difficult weeks. The most important reason I'm uploading them is to share my story of bilateral dacryoadenitis.

"Cause covid the dishonourable… Look it up. Maybe one of you has been suffering from it all this time and doesn't know how to manage it. I entered the hospital and had the most incredible doctor, Dimitra P., watching over me every step of the way. I'm fine now."

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