KAPE: The Spectacularly Beach Close To Athens


Those visiting Athens often overlook nearby beaches and instead focus on the city's urban activities and ancient sites.

One of these beaches is KAPE, which, while not wholly uncharted, has retained much of its natural beauty due to minimal human intervention, making it a perfect swim for those staying in Athens for some days.

Reaching KAPE involves a descent of about 100 steps
Reaching KAPE involves a descent of about 100 steps

Situated 55 kilometres from downtown Athens, 45 kilometres from the suburb of Glyfada, and approximately 60 kilometres from the port city of Piraeus, KAPE is accessible and rewarding.

Suppose your summer travels take you to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio. In that case, we encourage you to stop at KAPE, conveniently located near Legrena and just before Sounio. The beach’s unique name comes from its Greek acronym for the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources.

The temple of Poseidon, Sounio
The temple of Poseidon, Sounio

Reaching KAPE involves negotiating a descent (and eventual ascent) of about 100 steps. It’s not particularly strenuous, but care should be taken. A kiosk at the start of the path offers the last opportunity to purchase water and any other essentials. Once on the beach, no bars, shops, or sunbeds exist. However, this absence of commercial fixtures serves to amplify the beach’s unspoiled appeal.

KAPE’s shoreline is a mix of pebbles and fine gravel, waters striking turquoise. It’s a small bay with limited natural shade, save for a section to the left where rock-formed caves provide a semblance of shelter.


So, remember to bring an umbrella. On this beach, you’ll feel transported from the mainland of Attica to an island in the Aegean Sea.

If you’re looking to break away from the energetic rhythm of Athens for a tranquil beach day, KAPE might be the perfect detour. The satisfaction of immersing yourself in the calm, azure waters is more than adequate compensation for the journey.

An early start can ensure you find a prime spot for your umbrella

A peaceful view of the uninhabited islet of Patroklos enhances an already beautiful vista. It stands as a quiet testament to your temporary retreat from urbanity. From here, the distant sounds of crowded beach bars are reduced to a mere whisper, absorbed by the expansive calm of the Mediterranean Sea.

The somewhat challenging access and limited facilities may be better for families with young children. However, these factors create a desirable solitude for couples or groups seeking a more peaceful environment.

As you plan your visit to KAPE, consider these three tips. First, the beach is just 10 kilometres from the archaeological site of Sounio. It might be worthwhile to pair your beach outing with a visit to the majestic Temple of Poseidon. Or, you could opt for a swim first, then visit the archaeological site in the late afternoon, just in time to witness a spectacular sunset.


Second, since KAPE is gaining popularity, it can get quite busy on weekends. An early start can ensure you find a prime spot for your umbrella.

Finally, while the path to the beach isn’t excessively demanding, it does require some effort. Therefore, pack enough water, sunscreen, and snacks to relax and enjoy several hours at KAPE.

Hungry yet? Here are two dining recommendations. In the settlement of Legrena, you’ll find a charming little tavern named “Theodoros and Eleni” (2292 051936). Thanks to its exceptionally fresh seafood and an impressive selection of tsipouro and ouzo, it has built a devout following over the years from all over Attica.

Just at the 64th kilometre of the Athens-Sounio Avenue, in front of the main beach of Legrena, stands one of Attica’s oldest still-operating taverns. Marida (2292 051221) first started serving fish and seafood in 1930.


With such a storied history, it’s no surprise that the quality here remains high, and the staff is exceptionally attentive. I’d strongly recommend trying the orzo with shrimp and the small cod.

Here’s how you get to KAPE. Driving from Glyfada towards Sounio, just after the settlement of Charakas and the sign leading to the eponymous beach, you’ll spot a sign indicating “property of KAPE”. Take a right onto the dirt road, and you’ll arrive at the parking area in about a kilometre.

So there you have it, an escape within an escape on the outskirts of Athens, a gem hidden in plain sight with a feast waiting. Here’s to the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy.

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