Antiparos: Dive into Cycladic Paradise - Your Epic Summer Guide

Antiparos back lanes with bougainvillea's

Antiparos is a sun-kissed isle where time loses its grip and carelessness reigns. The summer breeze, laced with the scent of Grecian salt and Carothen's iconic green sunscreen, whispers promises of endless memories before you even touch the golden sand.

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Antiparos is a sun-kissed isle where time loses its grip and carelessness reigns. The summer breeze, laced with the scent of Grecian salt and Carothen's iconic green sunscreen, whispers promises of endless memories before you even touch the golden sand.

Days melt into sun-drenched bliss, fueled by laughter at beach bars and languid swims in turquoise waters. As the golden orb dips below the horizon, the island transforms. Neon lights and pulsing beats draw you to La Luna, the legendary disco where carefree spirits pirouette under the disco ball until the stars dim.

Small it may be, but Antiparos's heart beats with boundless joy. Here, nights pulse with the rhythm of "My baby just cares for me," and dawn arrives with sand-dusted skin and a promise etched in your soul: You'll be back. Roll on the hot sand, chase the setting sun and dance until the first rays greet you with a smile.


Antiparos Church

Antiparos Shops

Antiparos Bars
Antiparos Bars

The extra special thing about this small island is that you don’t need any means of transport, contributing to “zen” situations and the fact that you can bump into everybody everywhere. In the morning, on the beach of Soros, under the trees, on the beach of Agios Georgios, and on the small beaches nearby that not everyone knows of, or closer to the Chora at Psaralykes.



Antiparos Windmills
Antiparos Windmills

And, in the evening, on the main paved road, full of chic boutiques, white houses with blue touches, bougainvillea, eucalyptus and a relaxed atmosphere that will make you forget about any difficulties, anything that makes you sad, and you can live for the present moment. This sun-kissed island exudes youthfulness, freshness, freedom and love.

Antiparos Houses

Antiparos bougainvillea
Antiparos bougainvillea Rende Vue
Antiparos bougainvillea Rende Vue

If you're lucky to escape to Antiparos this summer, prepare for an unforgettable Cycladic adventure! Here's your ultimate guide to soaking up the sun, savouring island life, and dancing under the stars:

Fuel Up:

  • Elia café: Start your day with a delightful breakfast at this charming spot right at the beginning of the main road. Check out their Facebook page for a glimpse of their delicious offerings: [Facebook link to Elia cafe]

Explore on Two Wheels:

  • Bike Rental: Breathe in the Cycladic air as you cruise the island on two wheels. Several rental shops, like [Gr Cycling ], are available, with various bikes to choose from.

Delve into the Earth:

  • Cave of Antiparos: Embark on a 411-step descent into this breathtaking cave on Ai-Giannis hill. Learn more about the cave's fascinating history and opening hours on the official website: [Cave of Antiparos website]

Taste of Italy:

  • Margarita Restaurant: Treat your taste buds to authentic Italian dishes in a stunning atmosphere. Explore their menu and make a reservation on their website: [Margarita Restaurant website]

Movie Night Under the Stars:

  • Cine Oliaros: Catch a free film under the starry sky at this unique outdoor cinema experience. Check the current movie schedule and location on their Facebook page: [Cine Oliaros ]

Island Hopping Adventure:

  • Despotiko Island: Sail over to this secluded paradise and soak up the sun on its pristine beaches. You can arrange your trip with local boat operators like Giorgos Marianos ("Sargos").

Sunset Sipping with a View:

  • Sifneiko Café: Witness the magic of an Antiparos sunset with a refreshing drink in hand. Enjoy the panoramic views and relaxed atmosphere.

Sweet Treats:

  • Vicky's Ice Cream: Sample Vicky's homemade ice cream - a delightful flavour explosion. Find out their location and flavours on their Instagram page: [Link to Vicky's Ice Cream ]

Cocktails and Cool Vibes:

  • Main Square & Backstreet Bars: As the sun sets, wander the buzzing main square and lose yourself in the cool cocktails and laid-back vibes of Boogaloo, Lime, Tabula Rasa, and more. Check their social media pages or websites for opening hours and special events:

Dance the Night Away:

  • La Luna: Step back in time and groove to the rhythm of the Cyclades at the legendary La Luna disco. Let the timeless party spirit and iconic setting sweep you away!
Antiparos Beaches
Antiparos Beaches


Taverna Yorgis Antiparos
Taverna Yorgis Antiparos

Antiparos Beach bars 

How to reach Antiparos 

Reaching Antiparos: Your Paradise Gateway Guide

Planning your Antiparos getaway? Here's how to navigate your way to sun-soaked shores with ease:

1. Landing in Paros:

Your Antiparos adventure begins in Paros, accessible via ferries from Piraeus and Rafina. I personally found Seajets. Gr and TeraJet are smooth and fast options, whisking me to Paros port in just 3.5 hours from Rafina.

2. Embracing Antiparos:

From Paros, reach your island haven in two ways:

- Short & Sweet: The easiest (and most wallet-friendly!) option is hopping on a charming boat from Parikia port. A quick 25-minute journey (for €7), and you'll be stepping onto Antiparos sand.

- Weatherproof Alternative: Windy days call for a slight detour. Take a bus from Parikia port to Pounta port (not Punda Beach!). The 40-minute ride costs

  • The Antiparos – Paros ferry boat tickets cost €1,50 per passenger (€0,75 for children), €2,00 per scooter and €7,30 per car for each ride.

Bonus Tip: Check ferry schedules beforehand, especially during peak season, to ensure smooth sailing (pun intended!).

With this guide, you're all set to embark on your Antiparos odyssey. Don't forget to soak up the sunshine, chase turquoise waves, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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