Yiayia's Makaronopita - Greek Makaroni Cheese Pie Recipe


Greek Makaroni and Cheese pie or Makaronopita is a traditional which is very well known and made in Central Greece (Sterea Ellada).

Greek Makaroni and Cheese pie
Greek Makaroni and Cheese pie

Yiayia's Makaronopita - Greek Makaroni Cheese Pie Recipe

Here is a traditional and delicious family recipe, which is sure to be loved by all!


For pastry

- 200 x grams all purpose flour (plus extra to roll out)

- 1/2 x tablespoon of vinegar

- 1 x tablespoons olive oil

- 80 ml x warm water

- 1/2 x teaspoon of salt

For filling

-300 x grams macaroni

- 8 x eggs, whisked

- 200 x grams ricotta, crumbled

- 400 x grams feta, crumbled

- 700 x ml full cream milk

- 1 x cup of olive oil (extra for drizzling)

- salt & pepper to taste

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For pastry (Part 1):

- In a large bowl mix the flour with the salt, vinegar and olive oil and place warm water in the middle of the mixture.

- Knead the dough well and then divide into 3 equal parts.

- Leave for 1/2 hour covered in cling wrap to rest.

- In the meantime you can prepare the filling.

Preparing the filling:

-Boil pasta as per directions on packet.

- Drain pasta when ready and place in a large bowl with all ingredients.

- Mix the filling thoroughly and set aside.

For pastry (Part 2):

- Lightly sprinkle flour on the surface you will be using to roll out the dough (so the pastry won’t stick).

- Flatten the balls out one by one and begin rolling them out slowly using a large rolling pin- they should end up being about 60cm in diameter.

- Make sure you continue lightly sprinkling flour between each fillo you roll out- so they do not stick together.

Placing it all together:

- Lightly drizzle olive oil in your baking dish (Mum always uses a round one but square will also do) and place one of the fillo pastries in dish.

- Spread half of your macaroni and cheese filling you have prepared evenly over the surface.

- Add another layer of fillo pastry and spread other half of the remaining mixture.

- Add the final layer of pastry and drizzle lightly with olive oil.

- Fold the edges in and place in preheated oven. Bake for about 45 minutes at 200 degrees or till light golden brown.

- Allow to cool for a few minutes- then cut into diamond shapes and serve.

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