Greek Culture Minister Calls Fashion Show at British Museum Featuring Parthenon Sculptures "Monumental Insult"


Mendoni's anger over fashion show at the British Museum: They degrade the sculptures and the universal values they emit.

The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni, expressed her reaction to the fashion show that took place today at the British Museum, in front of the Parthenon Sculptures.


"By organizing a fashion show in the rooms where the Parthenon Sculptures are exhibited, the British Museum, once again, proves its zero respect for the masterpieces of Pheidias," says the minister.

"The directors of the British Museum trivialize and insult not only the monument but also the universal values that it transmits. The conditions of display and storage of the sculptures, at the Duveen Gallery, are constantly deteriorating. It is time for the stolen and abused sculptural masterpieces to shine in the Attic light," concludes Ms. Mendoni.

The debate surrounding the Parthenon Sculptures is likely to continue, with the recent fashion show adding fuel to the fire. Greece has vowed to continue its campaign for the sculptures' return, using cultural diplomacy and legal avenues to pressure the British Museum to relinquish its hold.

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