Visiting Nafplio? What to eat at the capital of Argolida

Nafplio Nafplion

One thing synonymous with Nafplio and the wider Argolida region is the scent of citrus assailing your senses. The oranges are so sweet and tender that your fingers can peel them effortlessly so that you can quickly enjoy the very first bite.

When visiting Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece, food enthusiasts should indulge in the local orange pie, marmalade, liqueur, and traditional orange spoon-sweet – each bursting with zesty goodness.

Handmade pasta, a local delicacy, is a must-try. Savour the tangy “trahana” and scrumptious “gogges,” crafted with natural ingredients and elevated with a touch of grated Trachia village gruyere or crumbled Argos feta cheese.

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The succulent meats of Nafplio, be it lamb, pork, or beef, are not only delicious but also affordably priced. Try the traditional “giosa,” an elder ewe or goat meat slow-baked in a stone wood stove, sealed with clay.

Served warm or cold in oven-paper, generously seasoned with salt and pepper, this delicacy pairs perfectly with a cold beer or local wine.

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For those with an insatiable sweet tooth, Nafplio’s luscious ice cream offers myriad flavours, “Bio” or otherwise. The region’s celebrated ice cream is truly worth a taste.

Nemea, the hallowed ground of winemaking, produces divine wines from vineyards tended by generations of vintners. Visit a winery, purchase your preferred wines directly, and immerse yourself in the experience. While wine reigns supreme, don’t pass up the local beer.

Now, let’s discuss the unmissable local dishes. First, the “Bogana” – a succulent lamb with potatoes, slow-cooked in an earthen pot in a traditional oven. The tender lamb melts in your mouth, and the potatoes, tinged with orange, create a visual feast.

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Artichokes, though not native to the region, have been cultivated in abundance here for ages, predominantly in and around Iria. Coastal regions and islands with temperate climates and mild winters provide ideal conditions for artichokes.

The culinary versatility of artichokes is endless, with locals concocting unique dishes from salads, stuffings, and soups to pickles and even marmalades. Sample artichoke meatballs, soufflés, au gratin, or ala Polita for a true taste of the region.

Nafplio and Argolida boast local pastry shops and waterfront taverns that serve homemade sweets and succulent seafood recipes.

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Glykó tou koutalioú (spoon sweets)

The experience goes beyond the flavours, as the locals' stunning seaside views, salty breeze, and warm hospitality make for an unforgettable adventure.

In essence, Nafplio and the whole region of Argolida are a food lover’s Eden, fusing traditional and modern cuisine into a smorgasbord of sensory delight. Citrus, handmade pasta, delectable meats, and artichokes await your palate.

The culinary wonders of this Peloponnesian region embody the Greek way of life – hospitality, tradition, and mouthwatering food.

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