Greece Ramps Up Wind Power Efforts for EU Green Energy Target


The European Union's ambitious goal of generating 35% of its electricity from wind power by 2030 is within reach, according to a report released by wind industry association WindEurope.

This positive outlook includes encouraging developments in Greece.

The report highlights a significant increase in wind power investments across the EU, coupled with streamlined permitting procedures. Notably, Greece, alongside Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, and Britain, experienced a rise in permits granted for new onshore wind projects in 2023 compared to the previous year.

This trend aligns with the EU's efforts to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, including the Wind Power Package introduced last year. These initiatives aim to strengthen the wind energy sector and expedite project approvals.

Furthermore, Europe's wind supply chain is showing signs of recovery, with investments in new factories surging to meet the growing demand for wind energy infrastructure.

While the overall outlook is positive, the report also identifies the crucial need to accelerate the development of electricity grids. Efficiently connecting new wind farms to existing grids remains a crucial challenge for achieving the 2030 target.

Greece, along with other EU member states, will need to prioritise grid infrastructure development to ensure the success of the bloc's ambitious wind power ambitions.


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