Unveiling the Untamed Beauty of Mountainous Nafpaktia: A Nature Lover's Paradise


"I was feeling anxious during the winter and decided to find a peaceful place to relax. I believe that nature is the perfect cure to release stress and bring joy and harmony back into our lives.


That's why I chose to visit Mountainous Nafpaktia, an area with beautiful scenery, nestled in the slopes of Pindos. The region is home to several villages, surrounded by stunning forests, gorges, and natural springs."

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Nafpaktos is a charming small town with a rich medieval heritage, situated on the Corinthian Gulf. However, the real beauty lies beyond the town itself. The region is home to around 60 quaint villages, perched at altitudes ranging from 700 to 1,000 meters, and situated between 30 to 90 kilometers away from Nafpaktos.

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I was captivated by a scenic path that winds through a diverse landscape of chestnut trees, plane trees, oaks, and firs. The path surrounds the Evinos River and its lake, Evinolimni, creating a unique and beautiful color scheme. It's the perfect location for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, rafting, canoeing, mountain climbing, horseback riding, and archery.

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"We spent the weekend in the picturesque village of Kryoneri. The village was named in 1939 due to the availability of cold water in the region. During our stay, we enjoyed the new and only hotel in the area, Omalia Village. The hotel boasts traditional houses with fireplaces, a restaurant, and a cafeteria. It is located at an altitude of 1170 meters, offering stunning views of the surrounding area."

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I anticipated that the village would be livelier with both permanent residents and weekend visitors. Despite being mid-November in a mountainous area, an unexpected sense of calm was apparent. The brick houses with alpine roofs had their shutters closed as if it were summertime in the midst of winter.

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Despite the rain, we still took a walk along the cobblestone streets. We passed by the traditional square with the tall tree and enjoyed the beautiful nature and the view of Evinolimni. We were able to witness one of the most stunning sunsets in the mountains of Greece.

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Last Sunday, we hiked to the summit of Mount Tsekoura, following a beautiful walking route that took us an hour and a half. The trail was well-marked, making it easy to navigate through the dense fir forest. We were amazed by the tall trees that reminded us of landscapes from foreign countries, and we found various mushroom species along the way. We learned that there are approximately 200 species of mushrooms in the area, of which 70 are edible, and 3 of which are unique to this part of Europe. When we reached the top, we were rewarded with an incredible view of vast tree-lined areas and small, picturesque villages scattered throughout the countryside.

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There are several charming villages in the mountainous region of Nafpaktia, Greece, including Ampelakiotissa, Terpsithea, Elatou, Platanos, Katafygio, Kato Chora, and the most famous tourist destination, Ano Chora. However, despite its popularity, Ano Chora was not as lively as I had expected. Many of the restaurants were either closed or unable to accommodate our large group. We ended up going to Patouchas Tavern and had the opportunity to sample homemade dishes such as green pie and dolmadakia, as well as local meats like wild boar and goat stew.

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"I had a conversation with the owner of the place about my thoughts on the region. She informed me that during the winter most of the villages are deserted, but in the summer they are bustling with life. At first, it seemed strange to me, but then I realized that perhaps this is why the region maintains its authenticity and purity, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful winter getaway amidst nature's beauty."

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