Greek Frigate "Hydra" Deploys to Red Sea for EU Operation ASPIDES

Archive photo of the frigate Hydra (F-452) during a PASSEX with UAE naval forces in the maritime area of the Persian Gulf in 2021. Photo by HNDGS.

Athens, Greece: The Greek frigate "Hydra" set sail today to join the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) operation ASPIDES in the Red Sea. Launched in February 2024, ASPIDES aims to bolster maritime security and guarantee safe passage for commercial vessels, particularly in the wake of recent Houthi attacks in the region.

The Greek defense Minister Nikolaos Dendias addressed the Hydra crew some hour before its departure from Salamis Naval Baseon Monday 24—photo by Greek MoD.

Operation Details:

  • Greece, Red Sea, EUNAVFOR, ASPIDES, maritime security, Houthi, commercial vessels, ships, Hydra, Caio Duilio, Hessen, Nikolaos Dendias, Greek Navy, international cooperation focuses on enhancing maritime situational awareness, accompanying commercial vessels, and providing protection against potential multi-domain attacks at sea.
  • This European initiative complements the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian and will operate for an initial year. Collaboration with EUNAVFOR ATALANTA and other partners is also planned.
  • The operation boasts Greek leadership, with Commodore Vasileios Gryparis commanding from Larissa, Greece.
  • The naval group comprises ships from several countries, including Italy's "Caio Duilio" and Germany's "Hessen," alongside the Greek "Hydra."

Greek Minister Underscores Commitment:

Before the ship's departure, Greek Defense Minister Nikolaos Dendias addressed the "Hydra" crew, emphasizing the mission's significance. He highlighted Greece's commitment to its role as a maritime power and its dedication to safeguarding freedom of navigation and the well-being of its sailors. Dendias emphasized that participation in ASPIDES serves both Greek and European interests.

This deployment signifies Greece's active contribution to international efforts for a secure maritime environment in the Red Sea.


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