Kormos with orange flavour by Stelios Parliaros

kormos chocolate log with orange flavour

This impressive kormos, otherwise known as a chocolate log, is not at all difficult to make and will end a festive meal beautifully.

We can always trust Stelios Parliaros to provide the best recipes, especially for Kormos.

Materials for 15 servings:

For the base

Four egg whites
Four egg yolks
100 gr. granulated sugar
One orange, the zest
50 gr. flour for all uses
50 gr. corn flour
100-150 ml orange liqueur

For the chocolate cream

250 ml fresh milk
One orange, the zest
500 gr. couverture 55% cocoa in small pieces
500 gr. cream 35%-36% fat whipped to a yogurt texture


Step 1 - Base: In the mixer, at medium speed, beat the egg whites with the sugar into a stiff meringue. Stop the beating, add the zest and the slightly beaten yolks, mixing with a marise. Add the sifted flour and cornflour.

Step 2 - Spread on a silicone surface or a non-stick paper the size of the sheet metal and bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 10-12 minutes. If necessary, bake a little longer. We let it cool down.

Step 3 - Chocolate cream: Put the milk and the zest in a saucepan and place it on the fire. When it boils, remove it from the heat, let it cool, reheat, and strain it over a bowl with the shredded couverture. Homogenise very well and add the whipped cream. Mix gently. Leave the cream in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to harden.

Step 4 - Assembly: Sprinkle the base with the liqueur and spread half of the cream. Roll it up and place it on a plate. Put the rest of the cream in a cornet and cover the entire surface of the dessert. Optionally, decorate with maraschino cherries along the trunk.

Photo: Alkis Kaloudis

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