A romantic weekend in Galaxidi

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Galaxidi was once a significant maritime city with a big fleet, shipyard and regular boat routes, but these days, it has evolved into a charming seaside town with small tavernas offering seafood meze varieties and many tourist attractions, especially for a romantic weekend getaway.

The importance of this small town’s naval past can still be sensed everywhere: In alleys and stately homes linked to ship owners and captains, the Maritime Museum of Galaxidi, as well as through the presence of fishing boats and seafood tavernas by the sea.

Over many decades, visitors from Athens and surrounding areas have come to Galaxidi seeking tranquillity amid the town’s island-like setting of alleys and big white houses with blue shutters, simple and unpretentious beauty, warmth and down-to-earth conditions.

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Compared to other seaside locations, Galaxidi is always occupied in winter, especially during weekends, when it proves to be a popular choice for quiet two-day breaks. Skiers who happen to be in nearby Arahova and travellers from abroad enjoying archaeological tourism in Delphi also like to pop over to Galaxidi for a look around.

This time of year in Galaxidi, the waters can be turbulent and the winds chilly, but the destination remains charming, including when lit at night as local tavernas and hospitable hotels await guests.

Pera Panta Park

Pera Panta park
Pera Panta Park

Opposite the port, a small tree-filled hill, the Pera Panta Park, began being developed by locals in 1929 when they planted trees at the elevated spot. It is a lovely spot for strolls under pines and eucalyptus trees. The location offers a marvellous sea view, while a walk right around leads to a terrific little beach.

Maritime Museum of Galaxidi

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Maritime Museum of Galaxidi

Paintings depicting impressive sailboats, a collection of naval instruments, sailor diaries, and various other items are kept at the Maritime Museum of Galaxidi (Mouseiou Street, Galaxidi, tel. +30 22650 41795, 10:00-15:30 (closed on Mondays).

A special museum wing features the Chronicle of Galaxidi, a brief historical rundown of the town covering the 10th to 17th centuries. It appears to have been written in the early 18th century and was discovered in 1864.

Morning Coffee

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The Kaffeneion in Galaxidi

Locals and visitors gather for morning coffee at Oianthia Beach, offering a view of the port.

Head to Kaffeneion (55 Akti Oianthis, Galaxidi, tel. +30 22650 41315), one of Galaxidi’s oldest cafes, which has managed to preserve its authentic character, or Melydron (70 Akti Oianthis, Galaxidi, tel. +30 22650 41200), which serves coffee and snacks from early in the morning, as well as great cocktails in the evening hours.

Fresh fish

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Skeletovrahos (Oianthia Beach, tel. +30 22650 41303) is a bastion of culinary pleasure in Galaxidi. Try the local sea bass, split and baked with lemon tree leaves; steamed mussels with mustard and smoked paprika; spaghetti marinara; and a variety of handmade appetisers.

Award-winning breakfast

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Breakfast at the Ganimede guest house/Photo: Facebook-Hotel “Ganimede”, Galaxidi

The breakfast served at the Ganimede guest house (20 N. Gourgouri, Galaxidi, tel. +30 22650 41328) has received awards on numerous occasions, while the guest house often makes lists featuring the best places for breakfast in Greece.

Chrysoula, the heart and soul of the Ganimede guesthouse, prepares homemade marmalades (her version with apple, orange and berries, including raspberry, is our favourite), freshly squeezed juice and chutney in a variety of flavours, including cauliflower with mustard, peppers; cucumber and zucchini; apricot with peppers; tomato with herbs and raisins; and melon chutney.

She also makes and serves fresh pies with handmade pastries, cakes, and sourdough bread and also offers local eggs and cheese varieties, amongst many other delights. Breakfast at the Ganimede guest house is served over several hours, which is ideal for guests.

The spot’s romantic atmosphere and jazz music are also bonuses.

Lina Kapetaniou is a columnist for Travel

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