Crete: 4 Pakistanis and a Bulgarian woman arrested for possessing 3kg of hashish

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The Greek Coast Guard arrested five people in Tympaki in Crete after being found to be in possession of almost three kilograms of hashish. The four Pakistanis and a woman from Bulgaria were taken to the relevent authorities whilst the Heraklion Port Authority conducts a preliminary investigation.

In their press announcement, the Ministry of Shipping said:

"In the morning hours yesterday, the officers of the Regional Drug Prosecution Team and the Security Office of the Central Port Authority of Heraklion arrested five foreigners, aged 29, 32, 23, 32, and 44 years old, for a case-by-case violation of Law 4139/13 'on addictive substances' in combination with No. 45 of the Criminal Code 'collusion', of Law 2168/93, 'on weapons,' No. 217 of the Criminal Code 'forgery' and No. 83 of Law 3386/05 'illegal entry into the country.'

"Specifically, following the use of information, in a control carried out with the assistance of the Police Dog K-9 MASK at the home of the arrested in the TYMPAKI area of ​​the municipality of Phaistos Heraklion, fourteen (14) unbalanced packages of raw cannabis were found in the yard and seized with a total mixed weight 1267.2 gr. as well as an electronic scale.

"In addition, a folding knife and a fake asylum seeker's card were found in the possession of the 29-year-old, while in the possession of the 44-year-old, who was discovered to have entered the country illegally, an improvised nylon package of raw Indian cannabis with a gross weight of 2.8 grams was found.

"The Port Authority of Heraklion is conducting a preliminary investigation."

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