Greek Coffees Shine in TasteAtlas Ranking

Espresso freddo is a simple Greek coffee that combines espresso and ice. Unlike similar ice coffee varieties that merely serve coffee over ice, this Greek version primarily blends the two ingredients until the coffee is slightly chilled, smooth, and creamy.

According to TasteAtlas, a popular online food and beverage guide, Greek coffee makes a strong showing on the "Top 38 Coffees in the World" list. In fact, three Greek coffees land within the top 10:

  • 3rd Place: Not revealed in the provided snippet, but likely a well-known Greek coffee variety.
  • 4th Place: Espresso Freddo: A cold, frothy coffee drink made with espresso, sugar, and ice.
  • 8th Place: Freddo Cappuccino: A cold cappuccino made with espresso, milk, and ice.

Additionally, the Australian flat white ranks 13th on the list, solidifying its position as a globally recognized coffee beverage.

It's important to note that this ranking is based on TasteAtlas's own criteria and might not reflect everyone's preferences. However, it does highlight the unique and diverse coffee cultures around the world, with Greek specialties earning recognition for their distinctive taste and brewing methods.

Top 10 Coffees on TasteAtlas

Here are the top 10 coffees on TasteAtlas, according to user ratings:

  1. Cuban Espresso (Cuba) - A unique, pre-sweetened espresso with a light-brown foam.
  2. South Indian Coffee (Southern India, India) is a richly flavoured, full-bodied coffee brewed with an Indian filter.
  3. Espresso Freddo (Greece) is a simple Greek coffee that combines espresso and ice for a smooth and creamy drink.
  4. Freddo Cappuccino (Greece) - A chilled coffee variety made with espresso, milk, and ice, topped with a light froth.
  5. Cappuccino (Turin, Italy) is an Italian coffee made with espresso and steam-foamed milk, known for its light and frothy texture.
  6. Turkish Coffee (Türk Kahvesi) (Türkiye) - A strong and rich coffee brewed with finely ground beans in a traditional pot, resulting in a thick foam layer.
  7. Ristretto (Italy) - A half-shot of espresso with a less bitter flavour than regular espresso.
  8. Frappé (Thessaloniki, Greece) - A Greek coffee made with instant coffee, water, and ice, often with a frothy top and optional milk or sweetener.
  9. Eiskaffee (Germany) is a German-style ice coffee that combines chilled coffee with ice cream, sometimes with rum and whipped cream.
  10. Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Vietnam) - A strong coffee brewed with a phin filter, served over ice with condensed milk.

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