Russia attacked Odesa shortly before Mitsotakis met with Zelensky - Black Sea city with significance to Greece


The explosion happened shortly before the Mitsotakis-Zelensky meeting, 150 metres from where the Greek mission was located, which includes eight people besides the prime minister and their security - The two leaders will give joint statements

The motorcade of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which was 150 metres from the Greek delegation led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was attacked by a Russian missile at 11:43 on Wednesday.

"There is no issue with the security of the Prime Minister and the Greek mission," official government sources said. "We are all fine," State Minister Stavros Papastavrou, who is in the Greek mission, which was organised under conditions of extreme secrecy and which includes, apart from the prime minister, eight people and their security, told Proto Thema earlier.

Anna Maria Boura, director of the Prime Minister's diplomatic office; Kyra Kapi, communications director of the Maximos Palace; Aristotelia Peloni, international affairs and media advisor; Alexandros Marakis, press office executive; and Dimitris Papamitsos and Alexis Papachristos, Mitsotakis's personal photographer and cameraman, respectively, are participating.

The meeting between Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Volodymyr Zelensky took place as usual. The two leaders will hold a press conference, which will not be broadcast live for security reasons. The foursome of the two men lasted half an hour, longer than planned. Mr Mitsotakis reiterated that Greece would continue to support Ukraine within its capabilities and without weakening Greek defence power.

At the same time, the two leaders visited a building complex hit by a Russian drone last Saturday, with a tragic death toll of 12, and left flowers in memory of the victims.

The Greek Prime Minister arrived in Ukraine unexpectedly to stay for a few hours before going to Bucharest for the EPP Summit. However, while he was in Odessa, he sounded an airspace alert. The city has particular importance for Greece as Odesa is connected with the organisation of the Greek War of Independence and the Greek diaspora of Ukraine.

Local media reports that an Iskander or an Onyx missile hit Odesa. Officially, there have been no announcements.

The powerful explosion in Odesa happened shortly before the meeting of the Greek prime minister with the Ukrainian president. An air raid alert was immediately sounded in the area.

The military administration of Odesa called the residents around 2:00 p.m. to go to shelters. According to Telegram users, five people were killed and several injured in the attack.

The Ukrainian president visited Greece for the first time officially last August, following the prime minister's invitation. Mitsotakis' visit to Ukraine takes place a few days after the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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