‘Love wins’ say first married Greek lesbian couple

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A long-awaited dream became reality for a Greek lesbian couple in Athens on Thursday when Danai Deligeorges and Alexia Beziki were one of the first same-sex couples to wed in Greece, following a landmark bill allowing marriage equality.

The news came as a sweet surprise for Deligeorges, who had a simple calendar reminder on her phone that simply read "Wedding." After a shared smile and a quick "Are you ready?" from Beziki, the couple began preparing for their long-awaited ceremony.

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This momentous occasion marked a turning point for Greece, a traditionally conservative country where the Orthodox Church has strong influence. Decades of campaigning by the LGBTQ+ community finally culminated in the parliament passing the bill, granting same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children.

"This is a statement," Deligeorges declared before the ceremony. "We weren't fighting for nothing all these years. Love wins."

Their low-key ceremony, officiated by Athens Mayor Haris Doukas, was filled with joy and witnessed by close friends and family. The room erupted in applause as the couple exchanged vows and embraced, with Deligeorges overcome with emotion.

"Congratulations to this country," the newlyweds said in unison.

The road to marriage equality wasn't without its challenges. Deligeorges proposed to Beziki in 2022, when same-sex marriage was still illegal. Last month, Beziki gave birth, but Deligeorges wasn't recognized as a legal parent under the previous laws.

The February 15th vote changed everything for couples like Deligeorges and Beziki. "It's a victory for everyone who believes in equality," said Beziki, a 43-year-old actress.

Despite the progress, the law isn't without its limitations. The Orthodox Church remains strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, and the first gay wedding in Athens required police protection due to threats. Additionally, the new law doesn't allow same-sex couples to utilize assisted reproduction methods or surrogacy.

However, Mayor Doukas sees this as a positive step forward. "We have a duty to ensure every Athenian has the freedom and right to live and love as they choose," he stated after the ceremony.

Beziki and Deligeorges, basking in their newfound joy, expressed their elation. Deligeorges compared their happiness to Greece's unexpected victory in the 2004 European Football Championship. This momentous occasion signifies a step towards a more inclusive future for Greece's LGBTQ+ community.




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