Vasilis Bisbikis was discharged from hospital after suffering a heart attack

Vasilis Bisbikis

Vasilis Bisbikis was discharged from the private clinic where he was hospitalised after suffering a heart attack.

On Wednesday night, Vasilis Bisbikis was with Despina Vandi when he started experiencing chest pain, prompting him to go hospital.

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"We can confirm that they were indeed in hospital the day before yesterday. Despina was stressed and was waiting to see what the doctors would say," presenter Stamatina Tsimtsili said on "Happy Days," citing an acquaintance who had seen the couple inside the clinic.

During his hospitalisation, Vasilis Bisbikis underwent angioplasty.

The "Morning" show reported that the he experienced chest pains again a few days earlier while he was at home with  Vandi.

When he informed her of his chest pains, she took him to the hospital, where he was immediately admitted.

The actor is now out of danger, as confirmed by Despina Vandi's appearances in the nightclub where she sings and from her participation as a judge on a  television show .

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