Bacchanalia: Despina Vandi and Vasilis Bisbikis dined at the "most expensive restaurant in the world"

Despina Vandi

The singer and actor took advantage of the holiday season and the short break from their professional obligations to go on a trip.

Despina Vandi and Vasilis Bisbikis were in London, as evidenced by their stories on Instagram. The singer is often there, since her daughter, Melina Nikolaidi, is in London for her studies.

This time however, she was accompanied by her lover. In fact, the actor made sure to share with his audience some snapshots from their trip.

On his personal account on Instagram, Vasilis Bisbikis published a photo in which he and Despina Vandi can be seen.

As the caption testifies, the couple dined at one of the most famous restaurants in the British capital. Specifically, it is about "Bacchanalia". the most expensive restaurant in the world.

Look at the photos:

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BACCHANALIA is located in London, its construction cost 75 million British pounds, it is housed in the old Porsche garage, the works of art were created by Damien Hirst and its dishes are signed by a Greek chef.

BACCHANALIA, which opened its doors at the end of 2022, is located in Mayfair and is the Greco-Roman inspired restaurant is the most expensive in the world. Both its interior decoration and set up are equal to Buckingham and Versailles Palaces.

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The luxurious restaurant BACCHANALIA – which takes its name from a celebration in honour of the Bacchus God Dionysus – refers to ancient Greek and Roman feasts and orgies with lots of wine, music, food and beautiful people.

In the centre of the main hall – from floor to ceiling – the visitor faces Gary Myatt’s contemporary interpretation of ‘Romans in Decline’.

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The most expensive restaurant in the world didn’t have time to open its doors to the public and some are talking about the Michelin stars it definitely has in his pocket.

The flavours come to complement the incredible setting. Through the mastery of Athinagoras, the palates are dazzled with unprecedented flavours.

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