They love dolmades in Alaska! Bobby's Downtown is the only Greek taverna in the frozen north

Bobby's Downtown Fairbanks Alaska

The Greek tavern located in the northernmost part of Alaska, specializing in dolmades.

Bobby's Downtown in Fairbanks is the only Greek restaurants in Alaska for over 30 years and has taken Greek cuisine to the ends of the earth.

Mr Babis Nikolaidis told Action24 about how he ended up in such a remote place and his decision to open a Greek restaurant.

“I'm not married and when you're single it's easier to move. I had a childhood friend who was from here. So we had visited the place together in 1989 and I liked it. Later, in the mid-1990s I took half a suitcase and came. I didn't have many things.

"My job was and is a cook. That's what I do. I worked for years for someone else. For four years. Then he sold the shop.

"I was going to work in the oil fields, but in the end I didn't go. I wanted to open something of my own. Finally, my sister and I opened our shop in 2001."

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As for the shop's specialties, Babis Nikolaidis said that the dolmadakis is a best seller and revealed that he buys vine leaves from California.

Squids, moussaka and of course the Greek salad are also in great demand.

"We are increasingly being asked for the dishes that Americans and Canadians have combined with Greece," noted Babis Nikolaidis, who does not forget his roots.

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