Actress Kali Kalo passed away at the age of 98

Kali Kalo

Greek film, stage and television actress Kali Kalo (aka Kalliopi Damvergi) passed away Friday at the age of 98, announced Spiros Bibilas, president of the Union of Greek Actors (SEH), on his personal Instagram account.

In his post, Bibilas noted that Kali Kalo had recently been living at the Athens Nursing Home.

"The wonderful Kali Kalo, star of the 40s, 50s, and 60s theatre revues, had lived a turbulent life marked by shocking events, as she mentions in her autobiography, and left us a little while ago.

"She was involved in social struggles, intense trade union action in the actors' union and TASEI. In the last ten months, with the initiative of  TASEI and me personally, she who honoured me with her friendship was transferred to the Athens nursing home, where all the staff looked after her from the first moment she arrived with a lot of love and care.

"We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all the social work they carry out with so much responsibility. Have a nice journey, my dear," wrote Bibilas.



Damvergi was born in Athens in 1926, her origin is from Rethymno, her mother Chrysa was an actress and her father was a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Damvergi's first appearance in a theatre performance was at the age of just three, in Daskalitsa by Dario Nikkontemi, following a decision by Marika Kotopouli, in whose theatre her mother performed. Her first real role, however, was at the age of 5, specially written for her by Spyros Melas in his play Dad is Educating, where she achieved great success playing alongside Vassilis Logothetides and the Mousouris couple at the "Aliki" theatre.

Damvergi studied for many years at the classical ballet school of the Royal (now National) Theater and others. An image of her as a child prodigy was being formed, something like the Shirley Temple of Greece; however, her mother's divorce and the war with the occupation interrupted this as mother and daughter began touring with "packs" in the countryside for their survival. Her post-war membership in the KKE led to her arrest in 1947 from the theatre while appearing in the revue "To pardalo katsiki" and to her six-month displacement in Icaria.

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