Farmers disappointed following meeting with Greek PM

farmers protest

A 15-member committee representing Greek farmers from the region of Thessaly left a meeting with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis disappointed,  citing a lack of substantive answers regarding the timelines for completing compensations for the damages incurred in 2023.

Rizos Maroudas, the President of the Unified Federation of Agricultural Associations of Larissa, expressed his frustration over the absence of concrete information on the master plan of a Dutch company involved in the process, suggesting a significant delay in the schedule.

Among the committee's concerns is the potential change in land use in Thessaly, prompting them to stress the necessity of preserving current land utilisation. 

Mr. Maroudas also highlighted issues pertaining to the timely disbursement of direct subsidies, stating that they expect these payments to be made by the end of June to ensure liquidity for farmers as the new cultivation period approaches.

In addition to financial matters, the committee raised regulatory concerns, particularly regarding the Public Power Corporation (DEI). Despite relevant legislation being submitted to Parliament, they noted ongoing power cuts affecting producers, urging for swift resolution.

Furthermore, the committee relayed information about forthcoming compensation for tree crops destroyed in the previous year's events.

Lastly, Mr. Maroudas addressed delays in the restoration of damages in the Evros region, underscoring the need for prompt action to mitigate further setbacks for affected farmers. 


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