Burglary Spree Hits Northern Greece

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A string of burglaries, carried out by a group of skilled climbers has left residents in northern Greece on edge as the perpetrators made off with loot totalling over 90,000 euros. The stolen items include cash, jewellery, gold coins, and electronic devices.

Operating as a multi-member criminal group, the burglars executed a series of thefts from October to January, striking homes and vehicles across Pella, Kastoria, Rodopi, and Serres. Police authorities have identified three suspects believed to be involved in the crimes.

According to law enforcement officials, the burglars targeted homes by scaling balconies and gaining access through balcony doors or main entrances. The investigation is ongoing, with efforts focused on identifying additional accomplices and determining if the group is linked to similar criminal activities.

A case file detailing the burglaries will be submitted to the Prosecutor of Edessa as authorities continue their pursuit of justice.

(Source: Amna)

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