Controversy Erupts Over Prosecutor's Proposal in Kolonos Case Involving 12-Year-Old Girl


In a contentious development in the case involving a 12-year-old girl from Kolonos, strong reactions have been sparked by the prosecutor's proposal. The proposal suggests acquitting Elias Michos, the main defendant, of charges including rape, pimping in brothels, and pimping by coercion with the proceeds of prostitution.

The decision to drop the charge of pimping, according to prosecution sources, was based on the inability to prove that the accused received payment for exploiting the girl. However, information from the girl's testimony, as revealed by lawyers, suggests that Michos allegedly brandished weapons in her presence, which could constitute a threat and support the rape charge.

The response to the prosecutor's proposal has been particularly fierce from the grandmother of the 12-year-old girl. She vehemently criticised the prosecutor, accusing her of letting Michos off the hook while unfairly targeting the girl's mother. The grandmother expressed profound disappointment, emphasising her belief in the mother's innocence and the urgent need for justice for the suffering children.

Apostolos Lytras, a representative in the case, underscored the discrepancies in the prosecution's approach, highlighting the absence of a comprehensive report to support their proposal. The prosecutor's recommendation includes the conviction of the mother for allegedly pushing her daughter into prostitution, as well as seeking convictions for Michos and 22 of the 23 individuals identified as clients of the young girl.

The unfolding controversy reflects the gravity of the situation and the complexities surrounding the legal proceedings. As the case progresses, stakeholders continue to demand accountability and justice for the victims involved.

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