Crack Down: Greece Seizes, Sells Speeders' Vehicles for Safer Roads

Crack Down: Greece Seizes, Sells Speeders' Vehicles for Safer Roads

Greece cracks down on speeding as speeders’ vehicles are seized and sold at auction in bid for safer roads.

Greece has taken bold steps to tackle dangerous driving habits and boost road safety with the recent implementation of stringent measures against speeding motorists. Since March, a new law has been put into effect, allowing authorities to seize vehicles caught travelling at excessively high speeds.

According to the new rules, drivers found exceeding speed limits by 60 kilometres per hour in cities and by 70 kilometres per hour outside urban areas will face immediate consequences and could face losing their vehicles. Those at 220 kilometres per hour on the highway could result in the confiscation of the vehicle, leaving the driver stranded without transportation.

Importantly, these measures apply to both Greek citizens and foreign drivers, demonstrating the government's commitment to ensuring road safety across the board.

The impact of the law is already being felt as the first wave of impounded cars has been scheduled for auction. The proceeds from these auctions will be split, with 70% going towards the traffic safety fund and the remaining 30% allocated to local police efforts.

Experts in road safety stress the importance of changing attitudes towards speeding. According to data from the national statistical agency Elstat, excessive speed is the leading cause of fatal crashes in Greece. This underscores the urgent need for strict enforcement measures to tackle the root causes of accidents and prevent unnecessary loss of life on the roads.

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