Greece to Supply Ammunition to Ukraine

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky Greece Ukraine

Greece is negotiating a deal with Czechia to transfer ammunition to Ukraine. According to Greek media, Greece will supply Ukraine with 2,000 Zuni rockets, 180 anti-tank rockets, 90,000 projectiles, 4 million bullets, and 70 howitzers without depleting its own stocks.

The aim is to provide military aid to Ukraine to assist in its defense against the Russian invasion. The prices for the deal are currently being negotiated with the Czech Republic to facilitate the transfer of much-needed ammunition and artillery systems directly to Ukrainian forces.

Greece has been modernizing its army and has already provided older weapons systems to Ukraine's military aid. These include BMP-1A1 infantry fighting vehicles, RPG-18 grenade launchers, Kalashnikov rifles, and 122mm rocket artillery rounds. Additionally, Greece is contributing to the training of Ukrainian military personnel, including pilots for F-16 jet fighters, Special Forces, and Leopard 2 MBT troops.

According to Greek officials, rockets, projectiles, bullets, and howitzers are among the supplies that Ukraine urgently needs. The planned delivery will include 2,000 5-inch Zuni rockets, 180 2.75-inch anti-tank rockets, 90,000 90mm projectiles, 4 million bullets, and 70 US-made M114A1 howitzers from Greek army stocks.

This is not the first time Greece has contributed to Ukraine's military efforts. Greece has previously sent Soviet-era BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles and anti-aircraft missile launchers. Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias will attend a meeting in Germany of countries donating arms to Ukraine on March 19.

While Greece is willing to assist Ukraine, it has stated the need to replace aging anti-aircraft systems with more modern Western alternatives. Greece is also prioritizing the replacement of all short-range and vulnerable anti-aircraft weapons with Israeli systems on the Greek mainland and islands.

Greece has been vocal in its support for Ukraine. During a visit to Odesa, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that all European states should unite and provide stable assistance to Ukraine. In January, US State Secretary Antony Blinken notified the Greek PM of proposed arms sales, including F-35s, and additional military financing to enable Greek arms provisions to Ukraine. Greece became the 14th country to join the G7 declaration providing security guarantees to Ukraine last August and joined the F-16 coalition for training Ukrainian pilots.

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