Greece Introduces New Rules to Address Beach Overcrowding

navagio beach zakynthos

Greece is a popular destination for tourists, but the high demand has led to issues with overcrowding and limited public access to beaches.

Many businesses, like restaurants and hotels, have claimed large portions of the sandy areas for their own use. This has caused locals to protest for beach space, and now the Greek Prime Minister has introduced a new 'beach bill' to address these concerns.

Under the new rules, starting in the spring, 70 percent of beaches must be free of sunbeds to prevent overcrowding. In protected areas, this requirement increases to 85 percent, and in ecologically sensitive areas, sunbeds will be completely banned. Additionally, a distance of at least four meters must be maintained between sunbeds and the shoreline to ensure easy access to the sea for everyone.

While these rules aim to limit the dominance of beachfront businesses, concessions for beach activities will still be allowed through online auctions. To enforce compliance with the rules, drones will be used to monitor beaches.

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