Police Officer Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Northwestern Greece

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Authorities in northwestern Greece apprehended a police officer on Friday for suspected involvement in drug trafficking, alleging that he had utilized his patrol car to transport marijuana, according to official sources.

The arrest transpired in the port town of Igoumenitsa after a dramatic pursuit on the roads, during which the officer, accompanied by an Albanian individual, attempted to evade capture. Subsequent to the chase, a search of the unmarked police vehicle revealed a significant quantity of marijuana, totalling 102 kilograms (225 pounds), as detailed in a police statement.

Reportedly, the detained officer disregarded directives from fellow law enforcement personnel to halt for inspection, opting instead to flee. The pursuit concluded only after the officer lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a collision with parked cars.

Additionally, authorities apprehended a second officer who had been on patrol duty alongside the suspect. However, this officer was allegedly discovered in a coffee shop approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) away from the scene.

All three individuals are now facing charges related to drug offences.

The vicinity of Igoumenitsa, situated close to the border with Albania, is recognized as a hotspot for marijuana smuggling activities into Greece, underscoring the significance of the arrest within the context of regional law enforcement efforts.

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