Vladimir Putin: We Will Not Be Crushed


Following his re-election, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a defiant speech, portraying Russia as unyielding against external pressures. The election, which unfolded without significant opposition, solidified Putin's hold on power for another six years, garnering over 87% of the vote, as reported by the RIA news agency.

In his address to the nation, Putin expressed gratitude to supporters and emphasised Russia's internal political stability amidst challenges, including Western sanctions and the conflict in Ukraine. He vowed that Russia would not be intimidated or crushed by adversaries, asserting the nation's historical resilience.

"It doesn't matter who wants to intimidate us or at what point, who wants to crush us or at what point, our will and conscience. No one has ever succeeded in doing that in history. It does not work today and it will not work in the future," the Russian president, 71, said.

However, international reactions to Putin's victory were mixed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticised Putin, accusing him of being "drunk with power" and seeking perpetual rule. British and American officials raised concerns about the fairness of the election, particularly in areas occupied by Russia in Ukraine. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier refrained from congratulating Putin, highlighting international unease with the Kremlin's actions.

Putin's speech also addressed ongoing military actions in Ukraine, where Russian soldiers are engaged in conflict. He praised Russian troops for their efforts to "protect historic territories" and criticised Ukrainian forces' lack of personnel and ammunition.

The election process itself was marked by controversy, with no genuine opposition allowed to participate. Opposition figures, including Alexei Navalny's widow, Yulia Navalnyaya, called for protests against Putin's regime, leading to arrests and tensions across Russia.

While turnout varied across polling stations, opposition rallies remained relatively calm despite sporadic arrests. Putin dismissed the impact of these protests, signalling potential legal consequences for those who tampered with ballots.

Amidst the electoral proceedings, Ukraine remained a central focus, with deadly bombings and attempted invasions occurring near the Russian border. The conflict underscored the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, casting a shadow over the election process.

As Putin solidifies his grip on power, both domestically and internationally, the repercussions of his re-election resonate beyond Russia's borders, shaping geopolitical dynamics in the region.

(Source: To Vima)

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