Explosive Mine Washes Ashore in Rhodes


A bizarre incident unfolded on the shores of Rhodes after a winter swimmer spotted a strange object in the water.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, pulled the object from the sea near the Soroni area. According to Mega TV, the object turned out to be a mine, believed to have travelled from war-torn Ukraine via the Aegean Sea.

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The swimmer described the initial discovery to Mega. "It was very shiny from a distance, it looked like something precious... I grabbed it in my hands out of curiosity alone. I didn't understand what it was, I've never seen anything like it."

He further revealed a concerning interaction with the Coast Guard. "The Coast Guard told me to go away... And the Coast Guard itself didn't know what it was." The swimmer eventually learned about the object's true nature through social media responses to a video he posted.

Mega reports that the mine likely originated from a dam explosion in Ukraine. Experts warn that this incident could signify the presence of more mines drifting in the Mediterranean Sea, posing a significant threat.

Authorities are likely to investigate further and implement appropriate measures to ensure public safety.

(Source: In.gr)

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  1. This is terrifying. IF true, that it came from that region, that means that there could be more and the danger that they pose cannot be over stated

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