Greek Coast Guard Rescues Migrants on Lesvos Island, Recovers Two Bodies

Greek coastguard coast guard migrants 68

Greek authorities rescued 57 migrants and recovered the bodies of two people, a woman and a man, on the rocky shores of Lesvos island on Wednesday. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges of irregular migration in the Aegean Sea.

According to the Greek Coast Guard, the migrants reached the shore late Monday night amidst "bad weather and high winds." A spokesperson added that another individual is believed missing.

This event reignites memories of the 2015 migrant crisis when Greece became a primary entry point for over a million people, mainly Syrian refugees, fleeing conflict and seeking asylum in Europe. While the influx significantly decreased afterwards, it has started to rise again in recent months.

The ongoing migrant situation in the Aegean Sea highlights the need for continued international cooperation and support for Greece and other frontline countries managing these complex challenges.

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