Greek fighter jet crashed south of Halkidiki - The pilot was rescued and is safe

F-16 fighter jet

A Greek F-16 Block 52+ single-seat fighter jet crashed in the Psathoura sea area to the south of Halkidiki at 13:29 on Wednesday during a training flight.

The pilot was found alive and was rescued by the Air Force's 130th Fighter Wing Super Puma helicopter at 15:02. The pilot was taken to the 251st Air Force General Hospital.

According to Proto Thema, the pilot abandoned the fighter jet, which went down under unclear circumstances. The pilot was initially picked up by a sea vessel in the area, which contacted the rescue crews so that he could be picked up safely.

The F-16 had taken off from Larissa and was in formation with three other fighter jets.

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The location of the island of Psathoura.

The first announcement of the General Air Staff

The Greek Air Force (GEA) regrets to inform you that an F-16 Block 52+ single-seater aircraft belonging to the 337 Squadron, 110 Fighter Wing (FM), was involved in a tragic incident during a routine training flight. The aircraft crashed in the sea area of Psathouras.

Currently, a search and rescue operation is underway to locate the pilot. One Super Puma helicopter from the 130th Battle Group, one Navy S-70 helicopter, and one CL-415 from the 113AM have been dispatched to the area. The "Aegean" Frigate is also en route to the incident area. Additionally, one C-130 aircraft is on full alert for immediate assistance.

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The second announcement of the General Air Staff

The operator of the F-16 Block 52+ aircraft of the 337 Squadron of the 110th Fighter Wing, which crashed in the Psathouras maritime area on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, was picked up alive at 15:02 by a Super Puma helicopter of the Air Force's 130th Fighter Wing and was directed to the 251st General Air Hospital.

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According to the official website of the Air Force, the Greek Air Force is the first air force in the world to be equipped with this particular version of the F-16.

The aircraft is an improved version of the BLOCK 50 with advanced electronic systems and a sophisticated engine. The Greek BLOCK 52+ belongs to 340, 343, and 337 degrees with callsigns “Fox,” “Star,” and “Ghost,” respectively. They operate from the air bases of Souda (115 AM) and Larissa (110 AM).


Crew: 1 (C model), 2 (D model)
Engine : 1 Pratt & Whitney F100-PW 229/Thrust: 29,100 lbs
Wingspan : 9.96m Length : 15.06m Maximum speed : 2,173km / h. per hour or Mach 2.05 Maximum height: 15,240m. or 50,000 feet

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