New Revelations Emerge in Greece's Tempe Train Crash Investigation


Fresh allegations of a cover-up have surfaced in the investigation of the deadly train crash in Tempe, Greece. Lawyer Yannis Marakakis, who's representing the victims' families, has revealed several disturbing details.

Documents show that soil from the crash site was removed just 24 hours after the accident. Around 300 cubic metres of soil were taken by a contractor and transported to a private plot, rather the designated disposal location, potentially erasing vital evidence crucial to understanding the cause of the accident, including remnants of the wreckage, human remains, or other pivotal clues.

Subsequent investigations, conducted a year later, confirmed the suspicions raised by technical experts hired by the victims' families. It was concluded that significant evidence had indeed been tampered with and removed from the scene.

Furthermore, data from crucial recording devices, potentially holding key information, was sent to Britain for analysis. However, the results were delayed due to the lack of translators at the Greek consulate in London.

Finally,  a civil service auditor investigating Contract 717 related to the crash, identified only as M.G, was abruptly removed from her position just a month after the tragedy.
Despite no complaints of workload, M.G. received an email stating her replacement due to "workload reasons." Before her removal, M.G. had actively investigated irregularities and reported violations by the contractor consortium.

The witness, in her testimony before European Public Prosecutor Poppy Papandreou, unveiled a litany of discrepancies, including the consortium's failure to fulfill contractual obligations and the subsequent unlawful compensation received. These revelations underscore a systemic failure in oversight and accountability, with taxpayers bearing the brunt of financial mismanagement in the pursuit of a supposedly safe railway system.

These new revelations raise serious concerns about the conduct of the investigation. The removal of potentially crucial evidence and the unexplained departure of a key witness demand further scrutiny. The families deserve a thorough and transparent investigation to ensure justice for the victims of this tragedy.


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