Actor Theodoros Katsadramis died at the age of 94

Theodoros Katsadramis

Theodoros Katsadramis, a Greek theatre, film, and television actor and screenwriter, passed away at the age of 94, according to a social media post by Spyros Bibilas.

As the president of the Greek Actors' Union, Bibilias, wrote, he learned of his death from the actor's son, Dimitris:

"A while ago, we learned of the passing away of our veteran great actor Theodoros Katsadramis from his beloved son Dimitris," Bibilias wrote.

"Born in 1929 and a great member of the Theatre of Art, he became beloved by the dozens of films he played from 1955 to 2010 and by the legendary role of TAXITZ on television in 1975.

"Theatre worker, campaigner and family man, he was the husband of Angeliki Kapelari and later of Keti Papanika, with whom he had Dimitris. The funeral procession will take place on Tuesday in his village... Have a good trip, dear friend and colleague Theodoros."

See the post:

Theodoros Katsadramis was born on May 20, 1929 in Doxa Arcadia. He acted in dozens of plays and films in the cinema, but he achieved great success with his leading role in the TV series "Our Taxi Driver", which aired in the late 1970s.

He completed the Drama School of the "Art Theatre" of Karolos Kuhn and took his first theatrical role in 1954, with the performance "The Bloody Wedding."

He also acted in the plays The Cherry Orchard, Filumena, Don Juan, The Island of Venus, Uncle Vanya, The Court of Miracles, The August Moon, Twelfth Night, The Mallard, The Plow and the Stars, and The Cherry Orchard.

Theodoros Katsadramis starred in the films The Last of Rupel, For a Handful of Tourists, The Brave of the North, The Madman Has Four Hundred, Captain Fantis Cane, I Killed Hitler, The Miracle Worker, and many more.

Thodoros Katsadramis

The actor was married to Keti Papanika, who died in 2017, with whom they had a son, Dimitris.

In his last interview, which he gave to Maleviziotis in September 2023, Theodoros Katsadramis explained why he does not usually speak in public: "What should I do with interviews? The world has so many problems that Katsadrami's life is not that important. I gave you the interview and opened my home because you are quite discreet and kind. Besides, I don't know if I'll have time to give another one."

Thodoros Katsadramis

About his wife, Keti Papanika, he said, "What can one say about Ketoula? She was the joy of life. Adorable, talented, and active, she helped many, was a happy person, and was beautiful. She gave me a remarkable and good child, my son, Dimitris, who takes care of me. Ketoula will always be missed."

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