Ex-British Museum Curator Faces Court Order Over Alleged Artifact Theft


The British Museum, a cultural powerhouse known for treasures like the Rosetta Stone, is locked in a legal battle with a former curator accused of stealing hundreds of artifacts. Dr Peter Higgs, who oversaw the museum's prestigious Ancient Greek collections, was dismissed in August 2023 after the museum discovered what they believe to be a massive theft operation.

The alleged thefts, encompassing jewellery and other items from ancient Greece and Rome, exposed security weaknesses within the museum and led to the resignation of its director. Dr. Higgs, while not yet facing criminal charges, is under police investigation. The museum secured a court order against him on March 26th, 2024, requiring him to provide a comprehensive list of everything he's suspected of taking and return any stolen artifacts still in his possession.

The museum estimates the thefts involved over 1,800 items, placing a significant dent in their collection. Lawyers for the museum allege Dr. Higgs attempted a complex cover-up involving fake names, falsified documents, and manipulation of the museum's internal records. While 356 items have been recovered so far, the remaining missing artifacts cast a shadow over the prestigious institution. Dr Higgs, however, denies all accusations and has filed a defence against the museum's lawsuit. The legal battle promises further revelations about the alleged thefts and the museum's security lapses.

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