Pilot Robotics Programme Launched in 100 Primary Schools Across Athens Region


A groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by the Region of Attica as a pilot robotics programme takes flight in 100 Athens primary schools. The ambitious endeavour was unveiled during a visit to the 70th Primary School of Athens by Nikos Hardalias, the Governor of Attica.

Governor Hardalias embarked on a tour of classrooms within the selected schools, engaging in conversations with both educators and students to underscore the profound impact of integrating cutting-edge technologies into the educational landscape.


"In the era of AI, the challenge - and indeed the responsibility - lies in enhancing equitable access and ensuring quality education for all," remarked Mr. Hardalias during his visit. "Our mission is to bridge educational disparities and equip our students with the diverse skill set needed to navigate an ever-evolving world."

As part of the initiative, Governor Hardalias distributed eight educational packages to teachers and actively participated in robotics construction activities alongside the children. Emphasising the transformative potential of technology in education, he highlighted its role in fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and skill development among students.

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The Educational Robotics Programme encompasses the provision of 800 robotics training kits, with eight kits allocated per school, along with accompanying software to facilitate specialised lessons. Additionally, the program includes comprehensive training seminars, totalling 15 hours each, conducted by expert personnel to equip 100 teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge.

In total, the programme will deliver 1,500 training hours, supplemented by four special training workshops-seminars lasting 60 minutes each for every participating school unit. With a focus on empowering both educators and students, the initiative represents a significant step towards embracing digital transformation in education and preparing future generations for the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly technology-driven world.

(Source: Amna)

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