Astypalaia: Discover the "butterfly" of the Aegean


Discover a hidden gem in the Aegean, a true haven of peace that travellers call charming for its authenticity.

Several popular media outlets from the UK, France, and Italy recommend Astypalaia for a fantastic vacation in 2024 without mass tourism. The municipality's efforts to boost tourist numbers are finding resonance in markets inside and outside Europe.

"Discover the butterfly of the Aegean, which is a true haven of peace, and travellers call it the charm of authenticity," a recent article in the French travel site Easy Voyage wrote.

"Astypalea offers an escape off the beaten track. The island, less frequented than its neighbours, allows you to discover authentic Greece. The villages of Astypalaia evoke the authenticity of traditional Greece. Chora, the capital, stands with its white houses and blue shutters overlooking the sea," the article added.

Vatses beach, Astypalaia

The Daily Telegraph includes Astypalaia in Greece's five well-hidden "corners" worth discovering this year.

At the same time, special mention is made of the pioneering "green" project of the Greek government, Volkswagen, and the municipality, which was to transform the island into a model of sustainable development throughout the Mediterranean.

The island also has its place of honour in the new Italian Vanity Fair list of the 23 most beautiful Greek islands, explaining that "with the new routes from Kos, the island is easily accessible, allowing Astypalaia to reveal to Italians a completely new world."


It is noted that recently, the "island took much of the attention in Berlin during the ITB, the largest tourism exhibition in the world, in the context of a special presentation organised by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) Office of Germany with the municipality's support.

"Through continuous actions, Astypalaia is opening its wings and revealing itself to the international travel public, who show an increasing preference for our exotic natural beauty, picturesque villages, tradition, gastronomy, and sustainable innovations every year," said the mayor of Astypalaia, Nikos Komineas.


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