Samos Named Among Europe's Top Destinations for 2024


Samos has secured its position as one of Europe's premier destinations for travellers in 2024, earning accolades from prestigious sources like the German ADAC professional association.

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According to ADAC's website, Samos has been recognised as one of the 15 most beautiful islands in Greece for 2024. The island's appeal lies in its abundance of local products, captivating museums, diverse alternative activities, historic monasteries, and charming villages. It's hailed as a haven for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and water sports lovers.

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Solosophie's travel blog lists Samos among the 12 most remarkable destinations in Europe for the upcoming summer season. Highlighting Samos's historical significance as the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras, the blog describes it as a gem in the Aegean Sea, boasting lush green landscapes and crystal-clear turquoise waters.


The recognition places Samos alongside destinations in France, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, reflecting its growing prominence on the international tourism scene.

Paris Papageorgiou, the mayor of Eastern Samos, expressed his enthusiasm about the island's inclusion on these prestigious lists. "Samos claims a place on the international tourist map," he stated. "We are leveraging the multifaceted historical, cultural, gastronomic, and thematic tourist offerings of the destination to promote Samos as a place for creating life experiences and cherished memories."

(Source: Amna)


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