Evrytania: A travel paradise for every season


Evrytania in Central Greece has majestic mountains and interesting activities. Its beauty is sculpted by the mountains Tymfristos, Panaitoliko, Oxia, and Kaliakouda, all hard granite giants that rightly give the place the title of the most mountainous prefecture of Greece.

Proussos Monastery.

Here, you will find steep gorges like those of Vothona, Pantavrechi, and Mavri Spilia, all with dirt paths and the constant splashing of rivers and streams.

It is also a place perfect for hiking and the mountaineering experience, with the canyons and ravines creating geographical challenges for climbing enthusiasts and fans of extreme water sports such as rafting.


You will find beautiful villages and landmarks of modern history, which are directly connected with the country's heroic moments and special personalities.

Villages like Koryschades, Voutyro, and Domnista are near the forests with chestnuts and pines, with monasteries and churches standing out proudly, such as the famous monastery of Panagia tis Prousiotissa and Episkopi, which is immersed in the artificial lake of Kremasta.

Panagia tis Prousiotissa

A haughty, humble, gentle, but positively adventurous destination, Evrytania opens itself up to visitors, educates them about its charms, and covers every taste and requirement, justifying the moniker of the mountain hostess.


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