Greece's Supreme Court Prosecutes 13 for Alleged Voter Fraud, Including Neo-Nazi and Lawmakers

Golden Dawn

According to a judicial source, 13 individuals, including a neo-Nazi currently in jail, lawmakers from a new nationalist party, and a lawyer alleged to be involved, were prosecuted by Greece's Supreme Court on charges of voter fraud.

The Supreme Court prosecutor, Georgia Adeilini, initiated this action against Ilias Kasidiaris, the former spokesperson for the Golden Dawn party, along with 11 current and former lawmakers of the Spartans party. It is believed that Kasidiaris directed the activities of the Spartans party from inside prison.

The investigation was launched by Adeilini in September after Spartans party leader Vasilis Stigkas accused some of his lawmakers of being influenced by individuals outside of parliament; it was widely understood that he was referring to Kasidiaris, who publicly supported the Spartans in the June elections.

The Spartans party won 240,000 votes and secured 12 parliamentary seats, with Stigkas thanking Kasidiaris for their success. One of the lawmakers has since become independent, and another defected following the announcement of the prosecution.

Kasidiaris, who has a history of legal troubles, including involvement in the murder of an anti-fascist rapper, is currently serving a 13-year prison sentence. The investigation revealed that Kasidiaris had regular contact with Spartans candidates prior to the election. Despite a failed attempt to run for parliament under a different far-right party, Hellenes,

Kasidiaris attracted a significant following through voice messages and his YouTube channel, which has over 140,000 subscribers. Eventually, he threw his support behind the newly emerging Spartans party, which gained attention only weeks before the vote.


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