Greek Police Unveil 4 New Measures to Combat Domestic Violence


Following this morning's teleconference with over 2,500 officers, Greek Police have unveiled 4 new measures in the fight against domestic abuse in the country.

In response to the tragic murder of a 28-year-old woman by her ex-boyfriend outside the Agioi Anargyroi Police Station and its consequent mishandling, Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis convened a teleconference this morning with over 2,500 police officers to address the pressing issue of domestic violence.

During the conference, Minister Chrysochoidis urged police officers to empathise with victims, emphasising the importance of ensuring citizens feel safe when seeking assistance. "In every domestic incident, we are obligated to do everything possible to ensure the safety of women," he stressed.

Simultaneously, sources reveal that ELAS (Hellenic Police) is implementing four crucial additions to its approach in managing domestic violence incidents:

1. Centralised supervision of all complaints and incidents at the Police Directorate level, overseen by a senior officer.
2. Weekly reports on complaints and their handling will be submitted to the Domestic Violence Response Staff Unit of the Hellenic Police Headquarters for scrutiny and accountability.
3. Service Officers will notify the Department Commander and Police Directorate Supervisor for support in managing each incident.
4. Provision of safe transport and accommodation for victims until the threat to their lives subsides.

Additionally, by the end of May, Greece will witness the establishment of 45 new Domestic Violence Response Offices across the country, coupled with the nationwide expansion of the Panic Button initiative.

(Source: Amna)

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