Santorini in China: A Picture-Perfect Replica

santorini daliu feature

Inspired by the allure of Greece's Santorini, entrepreneurs in China's Yunnan province have brought the essence of the distant island to their doorstep with the creation of "Santorini Dali" resort, offering visitors a taste of Mediterranean beauty.

Spanning 3,700 acres and boasting an investment exceeding 8 billion yuan (1 billion euros), the meticulously crafted replica captures the essence of Santorini's iconic charm. Nestled beside a picturesque local lake, the resort features tourist accommodations, clothing boutiques, and authentic Greek-inspired restaurants, complete with the signature blue domes and narrow whitewashed alleyways reminiscent of the genuine Santorini experience.

As images of the Santorini-inspired haven circulate across social media platforms, the resort has emerged as a popular destination for domestic tourists seeking a taste of Greek ambiance without the need for international travel. Many couples even opt to capture their wedding photos against the backdrop of this idyllic setting, foregoing the journey to Greece in favour of the accessible charm of Santorini Dali.

(Source: Huffington Post Greece)

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