Santorini Slammed by Tourists for Overcrowding, Animal Welfare Concerns

Santorini tourists

Santorini's sun-kissed beaches and iconic cliffs may lure millions of tourists each year, but some visitors are leaving with sour memories, citing excessive crowds and questionable animal practices.

On Reddit, a user ‘Shanbarra-98765’ described their experience as "packed with tourists to the point it was hard to move," criticizing the use of donkeys to transport people uphill. Concerns about animal welfare are widespread, with campaigners urging an end to the practice due to the strain it puts on the donkeys.

Reddit user ‘Flycolo’  declared, "You couldn't pay me to go back to that place," highlighting the disappointment some feel amidst the hype. Others point out that Santorini's reputation as a "pricey tourist trap" is readily available online, questioning why travellers aren't better informed.

‘Tabs_555’ said: “We went in July. It’s busy, crowded, and full of Instagram wannabes, but that doesn’t really affect me. They live their lives. I love mine.

Not everyone shares the negative sentiment. One visitor remarked, "The crowds didn't bother me," appreciating the charming shops, stunning scenery, and iconic vistas. They suggest focusing on personal enjoyment rather than being fazed by other tourists.

For those seeking a less crowded experience, recommendations include visiting Santorini during the off-seasons in March or October.

Santorini's future as a tourism hotspot hinges on striking a balance between attracting visitors and ensuring a sustainable, ethical environment for locals, animals, and responsible travellers alike.

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