Chechnya Bans Music That is Too Fast or Too Slow


In a recent development, Chechnya, a Russian republic, has imposed strict regulations on musical tempo, effectively banning music deemed too fast or too slow. According to reports, the decree mandates that all music should adhere to a tempo ranging between 80 to 116 beats per minute (BPM), effectively prohibiting popular Western genres like rave and techno.

The announcement was made by the republic's culture ministry earlier this week, as reported by the Moscow Times. This new tempo standard is notably slower compared to many contemporary pop music styles, leading to the exclusion of various Western musical forms from public performances within the conservative Islamic society of Chechnya.

The decision to enforce this regulation reportedly came from the republic's leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, who directed the culture minister, Musa Dadayev, to ensure that Chechen music aligns with the local mentality. Dadayev emphasised the prohibition of borrowing musical culture from other communities, insisting on the necessity for Chechen music to remain authentic to its roots.

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Following a meeting between the ministry and local artists, the ban was formally announced. However, artists have been granted until June 1st to revise their compositions to meet the stipulated criteria. Failure to comply will result in the prohibition of public performances of non-compliant music.

The imposition of these music tempo restrictions adds to a series of controversial actions by Chechnya, including its vocal support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, the republic has been under scrutiny for its documented instances of anti-LGBTQ+ violence, including reports of anti-gay purges, which the United Nations has described as unprecedented acts of persecution and violence.

(Source: Sky News)


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