Russia slams Greece for not inviting delegation to Greek Independence Day celebrations

Maria Zakharova

Russia spoke out against Greece for not inviting a Russian delegation to participate in Greek Independence Day celebrations, as is customary.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lambasted the Greek government for not allowing a Russian delegation to participate in the celebrations marking the anniversary of the declaration of the 1821 Greek Revolution and Independence from the Ottoman Empire.

In her statement, which the Russian Embassy in Greece published, Maria Zakharova emphasises, among other things, that "it is pathetic that, instead of sending wishes for the national holiday, as was once appropriate, we are forced on this day to remind Athens of elementary history lessons," referring to the help that Russia provided to the Greek Revolution.

Zakharova accused Greece of being engaged in a "boundless hostile campaign" and claimed that the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has the "aim of erasing from the collective memory everything related to Russia, sacrificing for the sake of temporary circumstances – the eternal historical, cultural and spiritual ties between our two peoples."

At the same time, she notes that "for our part, on March 25, we sent our thoughts and assessments directly to the Greek Embassy here. It is pathetic that instead of sending wishes for the national holiday, as was once appropriate, we are forced, on this day, to remind Athens of elementary lessons of history."

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The Russian Embassy in Athens also tweeted from its official X account, "The affection for the Greeks was characteristic in all strata of Russian society. Many intellectuals knew the members of the Friendly Society and sympathised with them. The Greek Revolution was depicted in letters, magazines, newspapers, and documents."

Elsewhere, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday condemned the deadly concert hall attack in Moscow that killed over 130 people.

Mitsotakis condemned “the brutal terrorist attack against innocent Russian civilians” in a social media post.

"Just as we steadfastly resist aggression and authoritarianism of states and leaders, in the same way, we also stand against brute force that is carried out under the pretext of religious or racial differences," he said.

Noting that Greece stands for freedom, democracy, and civilisation, he said their thoughts are with the families of victims and the people of Russia mourning their children.

Gunmen opened fire at concertgoers late Friday, killing at least 133 people and injuring 145 others at the Crocus City Hall just west of Moscow.

Russian authorities have arrested 11 people in connection with the attack, including four directly involved, according to the Federal Security Service.

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