China-Greece Maritime Ties Flourish Ahead of Our Ocean 2024

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Greek shipowners have committed $70 billion to 1,500 constructions in Chinese shipyards.

For 2023 alone, 162 ships were ordered, representing 61% of total orders. Chinese Ambassador to Greece Xiao Junzheng noted that over 50% of China's imported energy and oil are transported by Greek fleets.

From April 16th to 17th, Greece will host the 9th "Our Ocean" conference, a significant event for global maritime affairs focused on knowledge sharing and cooperation. Our Ocean 2024 will address the green transformation of oceans, ecological environment, and sustainable development.

In light of the event, Chinese Ambassador Xiao Junzheng commented on Greece-China relations, emphasizing their maritime origins and expansion beyond.

"The Chinese government deeply appreciates Greece as the host of this conference and will send a delegation led by Sun Shuxian, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Director of the State Oceanic Administration, to participate in Our Ocean 2024. China will also host a parallel event titled 'Cultivation of Blue Citizens, Promotion of Blue Collaboration, and Taking Action for a Healthy Ocean,'" he stated.

Ambassador Junzheng highlighted the complementarities between China and Greece in maritime transportation, shipbuilding, and port operations, emphasizing that maritime cooperation is an important bond in bilateral relations.

Exchanges and cooperation in the shipping sector between China and Greece are growing, he noted.

"Since 2000, Greek shipowners have purchased and ordered over 1,500 ships from Chinese shipbuilding companies, with a total value exceeding $70 billion. In 2023 alone, Greek shipowners ordered 162 new ships from China, accounting for approximately 61% of their total orders for new ships for the year. Furthermore, over 50% of the energy and oil imported by China is transported by Greek fleets…"

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