Greece to Reorganize Armed Forces with Focus on Innovation

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The need to reorganize the Greek Armed Forces with an emphasis on innovation was underlined by National Defense Minister Nikos Dendias on Wednesday, in a discussion with American College of Greece professor Constantinos Filis at the 9th Economic Forum of Delphi.

Filis is also the director of the Institute of International Affairs at the College. Referring to the structure of the Armed Forces, Dendias stressed that they need "smaller units, but a larger number of units that have approximately 70% capacity, to perform their tasks."

He also noted that Greece must select useful weapons systems for the new army, while adding that right now Greece "lacks an anti-aircraft dome, and our main protection is our airplanes." Greece believes in a civilian army, he said: "Professionals are our backbone, but with the right training, we can utilize conscripts."

Regarding the EU operation "Aspides" at the Red Sea, the defense minister noted that "it serves as a first proof that Europe is learning to react faster to challenges and geopolitical stimuli. We are sending Greek sailors into a danger zone, but we know there is no possibility of defense if we do not participate wherever European and national interests are threatened." Greece must be involved in developments in the region, he underlined.

On Greek-Turkish relations, Dendias stressed that "there is no question of demilitarizing the Eastern Aegean islands." Commenting on the Turkish foreign ministry's announcement that "refers to water parks around the Cyclades Islands," Dendias said that it shows "a growing agenda of Turkish claims and accusations."

"Greece must react to any Turkish position that violates international law," Dendias concluded.


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