Greek Companies Under Fraud Investigation for Misallocation of EU Funds


An investigation into alleged fraud regarding the allocation of €2.5 billion in EU funds to only ten companies in Greece has been launched, according to a report by Politico.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed the commencement of this investigation, focusing on the procedures and decisions leading to the concentrated disbursement of funds among a select group of beneficiaries.

The enquiry, initiated by the Hellenic Competition Commission, centres on potential violations of EU treaty regulations, including anti-competitive agreements and the abuse of dominant market positions. It aims to uncover any concerted efforts to manipulate bidding processes, thereby distorting fair competition and market integrity.

Recent raids conducted by the Hellenic Competition Commission on the offices of Greece’s leading telecommunications companies, along with IT firms and consulting agencies, mark a significant development in the investigation. Additionally, arrests made in Italy, Austria, Romania, and Slovakia in connection with an alleged fraud scheme involving €600 million from Italy’s Recovery Fund underscore the broader issue of fund misallocation within the EU.

Greece, slated to receive €35.95 billion from the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), is a primary recipient of funds aimed at post-pandemic recovery. However, concerns have arisen over the distribution of funds, particularly in the digital sector, where approximately 600 projects valued at over €2.5 billion have been tendered and allocated.

The investigation stems from a complaint filed by European Dynamics, a Greek software and IT services firm, alleging bias in the public tender process favouring certain companies. While Vodafone has acknowledged the ongoing investigation, other implicated companies and Greek government officials have yet to comment on the matter.

(Source: The Press Project)

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